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laytondressing's Journal

Professor Layton Dressing Room
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Professor Layton Dressing Room

Welcome to the PLDR! We're a Dressing Room style roleplay centred around the Level-5 game series, Professor Layton. The setting is basically a giant, vaguely-defined building that changes to its inhabitants' whims but won't let you go, because that's what ll the coolkids are doing nowadays. We welcome any characters from any of the games, both canon or alternate universes, as well as OCs. We also accept both cracky and serious RP. Since we're a DR, there's no need to submit any sort of application; just join with your character journal and get posting! We only ask that you follow a few simple rules.


1. Be nice, and make sure to remember IC=/=OOC. If you do have any OOC issues that you can't resolve, bring them to the mods.
2. No godmodding (controlling other people's characters) or metagaming (having your characters know things just because you as a mun do).
3. Adult situations are a-okay, but make sure to f-lock them. We also ask that if you wish to play out any sexual situations involving characters under 16, they be kept outside of the comm.
4. Entries should be tagged with the format "character: name" (or "oc: name" for OCs) and "user: username". You don't need to tag with every character who replies, only the character making the post.
5. Beware spoilers; due to the nature of this, anyone playing characters from games you haven't played yet has the potential to accidentally spoil you. If you're really desperate to avoid that, we'd advise not threading with characters from those games.

As a side note, though, we'd also advise that for courtesy's sake, spoilers for new games be kept to a minimum (and marked if possible) until ten days after the last release of that game. For example, Last Specter spoilers should follow this rule until around December 11th, ten days after the Australian release.

OOC Community: laytondressooc

Name: Lucas / cockneys
Email/MSN: cockneys [at] zoho [dot] com