Moooaaar Dimitri's!!!
[A very young, in his teens Dimitri Allen is walking and reading, even though that can be a dangerous past time. He hasn't even noticed he's not in his new school, trying to walk to the library, he's stuck in the dressing room.

Go break his sense of safety that school provides. He's cute.]

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[has wondered off from layton109 as there only so many puzzles a boy can take.]

[he is sitting in the lounge with a cup of tea. feel free to talk to him]

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[Clive's in one of the cafés, looking... more than a little worse for wear. The entire right side of his face is basically one big bruise, he's got a split lip, and he's holding his left arm close to his body and wincing every time he moves it at all. That's only what's visible, too.

On the other hand, he's drinking what looks to be a teacup full of whiskey, and looking the most cheerful he's been in weeks. If anyone wants to come try to puzzle that out, they're welcome, although he's liable to be a sarcastic asshole given the slightest opportunity.

What in the world?
[Luke was sure that he was in the base and he was even more sure that the place could not just change like this.

Seeing that he is still carrying plans he quickly stuffed them in to his jacket.]

What is going on 'ere? 

better question, Where in the world am I? 

[he looks around to see if there is anyone around that could tell him.]

Anyone 'ere?

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[Sitting in the lobbie holding his beloved teddy. just wachnig people go by]

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[The Layton sitting on a chair in the lobby doesn't look particularly bothered by the fact that he's somewhere new. In actual fact he's just calmly drinking a cup of tea that got dragged along with him. Someone will come tell him what's going on, he's certain of that. And why put in the effort to go searching for information, when it'll come to him with no effort on his part?]

Did you miss me? :p
[Master monical finaly come out of his room with is small, but silent apprentise.]

The place seem quiet~

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[Hendel's sitting on a chair in the lobby, the perfect picture of calm. Anyone passing by, though, is going to feel distinctly not calm. There's a solution to that, though - along with the sudden onset of anxiety, there's the feeling that spending some time with Hendel here is exactly what they need to calm themselves down.

Someone really shouldn't be allowed mood-altering powers.

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[Let's start off the superpower plot with Don! What's Don's power, you ask? Well Don has the power to make himself look handsome. Look at how handsome he is! However, it only works when he's calm and when he's annoyed he reverts back to being his usual self.

Care to try angering him? Don is currently searching the hallways for any ladies who may admire his new-found handsomeness.]

Lady Descole?


Ms. Evil Layton?

Anybody? Come look at how beautiful I have become for you!

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[The Layton currently standing in the lobby and looking about looks perfectly normal, albeit rather calm for a new arrival. There's something that seems off almost... off about him, though. Just a sort of sinister air to him. Given the current leader of this place, though, everyone's probably desensitized to slightly sinister Laytons.]


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