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[is pleased with himself, as he shuts a door.]

Oh what a mess I have made. I have to get silentluke to wash my gloths.

[he removes his gloths and head off to the lobby looknig for his Luke.]

A young adult Luke who claimed to be a rebel from my world.

Oh that one, indeed I have.

Then where is he?

I last sore him laying on the floor of the room I came out. Un like some I know how to brack peoples wills.

You... how dare you?

[Snarls, pushing past him.]

I would't go in there~ He's not in the most of pritty sights to see.

I left him in quick a mess.

[Ignores him, rushing through to the room.]


One of two

[Luke is laying on the floor unconshons, naked hands tied and a gag. a fresh cut Layton "L" in the middle of his chest.

two of tow

He put up such a fight~

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Re: two of tow

[Takes hold of Luke.]

...Why would you do this to him?

he stole a Knife from my Luke. I Can't let it go Unpunished.

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Punishing him was not your responsibility. You should have discussed this with his carer first. And that would be me.

Oh I didn't know that you where looknig after him.
He came across that he hates all "laytons"

He's rather confused.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take him to the ward.

Oh he'll wake tomorrow, may of my victoms do after I hit them on the back of the head.


[Picks up Luke, cradling him carefully.]

I'm sure he be fine~ it was fun~ he was tight.

You're sick!

[Holds Luke away from him, making to leave the room.]


bets thing about having a look alike is people are never sure who is who.

[turns and walks off louthnig darkly]

[Looks down at Luke.]

I'm so sorry...

[Carries him off to the medical ward.]

[lightly breathing unaware of whats going on]

[Once he's carried him through, Monocle lays him down on a bed so that the NPC nurses can deal with him.]

[comes round after a cupple of hours]


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