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rebelluke rebelluke wrote in laytondressing
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(no subject)
[Has found an corridor that is not in use.]

[After what he told monocle_layton about things of the rebellion. He knows that if they did get home it could be trouble for the lot of them. 

He has jammed the doors to the corridor shut]

[Conflictual of his feeling and confessing them to the person he despises Luke believes that seeing people at the moment would just be a bad Idea in general.]

[he hastaken a knife from silentluke and is willing to use it if anyone brakes in to the corridor. as he starts planing his attack.]

In to sorking now?

So what if I did, I know 'ow to use it, just 'ad it the wrong way.

If you had it the wrong way then you decidedly don't know how to use it.

I don't uealy use a flip knife. I much prefer a sword or gun.

Pity that you don't have either of those things.

My gun was taken off me.
I believe its in your office at 'ome.

Good luck getting it back to this dimension, then.

[pulls his hand away finaly]

I will find another way to kill you Pro.. Layton

And I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, as unfortunate as I find your determination to work against me.

Unless you can prove that you are not the Layton from my world, then yes I will work against you. until my last breath.
That is my further. That is What I have been train for.

Then I will make to prove that I am not the Layton from your world, because I do not believe that I am.

I believe you are. your too alike for my liking.

oh and as I Don't need them any more..

[take the plans he stole from the pagoda and hands them back to Layton] if they are yours.

[Looks through them.]

When did you get these, my boy?

about 2 hours before I came 'ere.

After Crow got me out the cell and headed off to get something else.

As I said before, when I left my own world you were still my prisoner.

It is possible, however, that we are from the same world, but just at different points in the timeline.

That is possible.

HQ always had someone keeping tabs on you, apparently no one had seen you for a bit.

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