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rebelluke rebelluke wrote in laytondressing
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(no subject)
[Has found an corridor that is not in use.]

[After what he told monocle_layton about things of the rebellion. He knows that if they did get home it could be trouble for the lot of them. 

He has jammed the doors to the corridor shut]

[Conflictual of his feeling and confessing them to the person he despises Luke believes that seeing people at the moment would just be a bad Idea in general.]

[he hastaken a knife from silentluke and is willing to use it if anyone brakes in to the corridor. as he starts planing his attack.]

When its time.

[flicked the blade open in his pocket, wines a little as he acadeny cut himself.]

[Raises an eyebrow.]

Is something the matter?

[Steps closer.]

nothing at all.

[steps back.]

Let me take a look, Luke.

There nothing to look at.

You have hurt yourself.

[Takes hold of his hand to inspect it.]

its just a cut. I 'ave 'ad worse from guards.

I'm sure you have.

[Checks his finger.]

And if you can't handle a knife then you shouldn't use one.

What make you think it was a knife?

Because you obtained one from a Luke belonging to one of my doubles. Don't think I haven't monitored your movements.

In to sorking now?

So what if I did, I know 'ow to use it, just 'ad it the wrong way.

If you had it the wrong way then you decidedly don't know how to use it.

I don't uealy use a flip knife. I much prefer a sword or gun.

Pity that you don't have either of those things.

My gun was taken off me.
I believe its in your office at 'ome.

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