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[Has found an corridor that is not in use.]

[After what he told monocle_layton about things of the rebellion. He knows that if they did get home it could be trouble for the lot of them. 

He has jammed the doors to the corridor shut]

[Conflictual of his feeling and confessing them to the person he despises Luke believes that seeing people at the moment would just be a bad Idea in general.]

[he hastaken a knife from silentluke and is willing to use it if anyone brakes in to the corridor. as he starts planing his attack.]

Bugger off.

{he don't look up to see who it was]

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What are you going to do if I don't?

Nothing at all.

[hes had time to think about barracker the corridor and come to the concloses that it was stupid. As peopel have the right to walk where they what.]

...what the hell does Hershel find so interesting about you?

'er.. Layton Find me interesting? I doubt that.

That man 'as only one inters and that is power, or 'e would't be PM 'ere too.

[He snorts.]

Someone is in denial, huh? He told me himself.

It could be because I 'ate 'im.

Hmm. Hatred interests him to a point, but not enough for him to care.

[burst in to laughter]

Oh that a good one, 'im care about me? Oh that is so not true.

I know Hershel well enough to tell when he's lying. And he wasn't.

So you say.

'is cool attenuated covers 'is lies well.
That and 'e is an MP. They Lie all the time.

Yes, but the point is that I can catch his lies. He... cares about you. Lord knows why.

Then I think your fooling yourself.

'e don't care about me.

Why would I fool myself into that? I can't stand you, and I don't share.

If you are implying that I would what 'im then you are mistaken.


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