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Jean Descole sinisterballet wrote in laytondressing
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Diligently Lustful.
[Descole's been plagued with the sins and virtues. He's finally discovered the two he has are Lust and Diligence. One sin and one virtue. Together, they make a dangerous pair.]

[So basically, Descole's a whore.]

[Why such a whore, Jean?]

((OOC: Oh man, I've had too much coffee. I'm SOOOOO bored still...))

It's the sex that's the problem. Sex... reminds me of my Layton.


(Sex reminds me of...)

Yeah, I understand that...but I'm not Layton. I'm you. Think of it as...really good and useful masturbation...

Yeah. Not something I do, though. So that's hardly helpful.

Oh...well, don't you ever crave sex at unhelpful times? It happens to most...

Not really. And when I do, I ignore it.

[She's had years of practice at totally ignoring her libido, at this point.]

[That answer makes Descole give a "hm" which is a mix of envy, and pity.]

You poor girl.