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booooreeddd come entertain meeeee,,,

[An overwhelming depression as come over Dimitri Allen. Well, the man finds himself depressed a lot, but usually, he has a kept composure.]

[Today, he is slumped on the couch, his face halfway in a pillow and his hat on the floor. He looks like a mess.]

[If you'd like, you can come cheer him up, he might also be blessed with a heavenly virtue....or he'll sound like Marvin from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.]

["Here I am...brain the size of a planet and they want me to do this?....how depressing...."]

...you look like crap.

[She doesn't look that impressive herself right now. She's got bed-hair, her hat is missing, and she'll just be slumping down next to the couch and laying her head on it.]

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I honestly, feel like crap...

[He sighs a bit and leans his face farther into the couch pillow.]

What's even the point? I don't even know why I go on in this place...there isn't a point? Claire doesn't love me, she's just going to run off with Hershel when they realize they're true loves, and if not, this place is going to send me right back home, where I'm alone with my cats....

...why do I even try...?

[He finally looks up at her and sighs again.]

You don't look so great either...

[...if she could be bothered, she'd be offended by that last comment. As is, she just hums a little bit and shuts her eyes.]

Everything's so much effort right now. This place, I think. It made double... nice.

[She reaches out to pat Dimitri's arm a little without opening her eyes, though.]

There, there. Just accept that nobody really loves anyone. Easier that way.

[He just nods and looks up to her again.]

It's true. Just...everything emotionally driven is...is an inconsistent variable. There's no way love is even real. Or happiness..or anything. There just...this state of knowing...

...and it fucking sucks.

It's all so much effort...you're right...is it this place? I don't even...

Hm. Probably this place, yeah.

[She hums.]

S'not so bad, though. When this place... stops this. You can get a lot more done if you don't bother caring.

I don't even want to...I don't want to deal with doing anything...I don't even know why I'm caring...

[He sighs and cuddles the pillow more.]

I bet you've got a lot of things going for you though...there's no reason you should be feeling this way...

Don't bother caring. Come... work with me?

[She shrugs. She's not entirely sure where she's going with this, and she's too tired to really think about it.]

I'll find something for you to do. Later.

[He shrugs.]

I don't have anything to do. I mean...we could work together...but on what? I don't even...

Maybe you could help me take over. I mean, not... now, but...

[He gives a sarcastic noise.]

Over the monocle? Yeah...right....we're already doomed, who knows what a different Layton would do. I don't mean to sound sexist, but even a woman, who in general already has all the power, as women do, might be even scarier...

...men are weak, we're easy. That's the problem...

I can't argue with men being weak.

[She cracks one eye open.]

And of course I'm scarier than double. S'all... the outfit, for him.

It is all the outfit. What are you planning on doing, taking over and such?

Hmm. Make the place more... interesting, I suppose.

Hmm...I'm not sure how much Claire would like that...but I suppose it doesn't matter...soon enough, she's going to forget all about me...

Oh, I'm sure I could... make sure that she's not a problem.

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