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[It's the sins and virtues plot! Imagine the utter joy of our beloved Prime Minister Monocle for having been blessed with so many wonderful virtues! He might even become a good person out of this.

And through this wonderful event, Monocle has found himself forced to compliment anyone who talks to him, instead of harping on about himself, like he usually does.]

What... what is this sheer madness...? I hope no one sees me like this...

[Come talk to him, if you want to feel good about yourself. :D]

Your persnal chamer is not what I would call open.

[lets go and steps back]


Those children found a way into the Pagoda?

We have 3 ways of getting in to the pagoda.

The air vent, the swar and of couse dressing up as your gards.

And why would you tell me that?

I don't know.. yet if you say you not the layton from my world I got nothing to lose.

[turns to walk off]

But what if I am?

would it matter? we not there.

But I am still Prime Minister here. Therefore you should still want to stop me.

I do what to stop you, more then anything. but at this moment my heart is just not in it.

Then rest well.

[has just had a awking moment to find out where that is his layton]

before we part ways.. tell me what you recall of me before I became this.

You did work with the rebels, but I took you hostage. When I left my world you were still my hostage.


in the bottom of the pegoda. away from the others held in the other cells.
In effect to try an brack my will.

I was down there for 3 weeks, you would visit every so often. then nothing for the last 3 days.

I was broke out by Crow who told me that you had not been see in the office for a cuppel of day. be for we left I we took papers from ypu'r office.

before returnnig to HQ where i was gonig to rest. but I ended up here.

{take the plans out his pocket]

Do these look formerly? there from your desk.

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