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[It's the sins and virtues plot! Imagine the utter joy of our beloved Prime Minister Monocle for having been blessed with so many wonderful virtues! He might even become a good person out of this.

And through this wonderful event, Monocle has found himself forced to compliment anyone who talks to him, instead of harping on about himself, like he usually does.]

What... what is this sheer madness...? I hope no one sees me like this...

[Come talk to him, if you want to feel good about yourself. :D]

Ah my dubble.

[he clenches his fits]

what an unpleasant surprise to find you here..

I must warn you that you are in my bad books for taking my Luke.

[Oh god a complimenting one and an insulting one! This will be brilliant!]

How wonderful to see you, double! And I assure you that if you want your Luke back that scum like myself would only oblige you.

Oh good, as I don't what Luke to be with such a despicibal scum bag like your self.

[it just had to be done]

But of course. I'd be a terrible influence on his bright young mind.

Will you follow me, charming double?

Yes you are, i will follow you to where you have Luke.

I'm certain you will.

[Heading to the famed Monocle Room.]

Indeed I shall. Luke put a lot of work in to your room and you have no repest for him what so ever.

I do have respect for him! He is a wonderfully uncorrupt Luke.

And none is going to corrupt him ever not a hair.

How noble of you to defend him as such.

I would kill for the little ..

[grits his theeth]

turbble maker

You sound most unlike your usual charming self, I must say.

Yes I am not myself, I dont know why I'm so angry at people.

I believe it is the meddling of this wonderful place again.

Ah yes this reched place can do thing like this.

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