June 20th, 2012


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[Has found an corridor that is not in use.]

[After what he told monocle_layton about things of the rebellion. He knows that if they did get home it could be trouble for the lot of them. 

He has jammed the doors to the corridor shut]

[Conflictual of his feeling and confessing them to the person he despises Luke believes that seeing people at the moment would just be a bad Idea in general.]

[he hastaken a knife from silentluke and is willing to use it if anyone brakes in to the corridor. as he starts planing his attack.]

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[He's been... not putting this off for a while, but he has been preparing. Yes, preparing. He liked that word. After seeing the state that Clive had gotten himself into due to one of his doubles, he couldn't stand by and let it carry on. Even if that double is from Clive's home world and should therefore be the one Clive should logically be with.

Nothing excuses this.

So, after a while, he has tracked Roulette down to his room and knocks on the door firmly, awaiting a response.]

[OOC: This is specifically for Monocle and benotenderness, because we've been meaning to play this for a while. But I'll try to be around on some other threads to talk to other people too. :3]