June 5th, 2012

[PL] Fuck yeah legal

*Mod Post: June Event + Nicknaming

This month, residents of the DR will either be feeling a little more sinful or a little more virtuous than they usually do. Each resident will find themselves displaying an unusual amount of any one of the deadly sins or heavenly virtues - or more than one, if they're particularly unlucky. How this manifests, though, is entirely dependent upon which sin or virtue is affecting them in particular.

This event will run from Monday 11th June to Wednesday 20th June.


Another issue that's come up is the issue of nicknaming residents so as to tell them apart IC. From the beginning of next month, each resident will have an irremovable paper nametag with their nickname (names chosen by the individual muns), once there are more than two of a particular character present. Laytons will be named after games, but the themes for Lukes, and Clives are up to debate at the moment. Comment here with any theme suggestions.