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(no subject)
foolsandutopias wrote in laytondressing
[Clive's in one of the cafés, looking... more than a little worse for wear. The entire right side of his face is basically one big bruise, he's got a split lip, and he's holding his left arm close to his body and wincing every time he moves it at all. That's only what's visible, too.

On the other hand, he's drinking what looks to be a teacup full of whiskey, and looking the most cheerful he's been in weeks. If anyone wants to come try to puzzle that out, they're welcome, although he's liable to be a sarcastic asshole given the slightest opportunity.

(no subject)
luketriton109 wrote in laytondressing
[has wondered off from layton109 as there only so many puzzles a boy can take.]

[he is sitting in the lounge with a cup of tea. feel free to talk to him]