May 15th, 2012

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[Let's start off the superpower plot with Don! What's Don's power, you ask? Well Don has the power to make himself look handsome. Look at how handsome he is! However, it only works when he's calm and when he's annoyed he reverts back to being his usual self.

Care to try angering him? Don is currently searching the hallways for any ladies who may admire his new-found handsomeness.]

Lady Descole?


Ms. Evil Layton?

Anybody? Come look at how beautiful I have become for you!

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[Hendel's sitting on a chair in the lobby, the perfect picture of calm. Anyone passing by, though, is going to feel distinctly not calm. There's a solution to that, though - along with the sudden onset of anxiety, there's the feeling that spending some time with Hendel here is exactly what they need to calm themselves down.

Someone really shouldn't be allowed mood-altering powers.