May 6th, 2012


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[Dimitri is sitting on a couch in the lobby with a phone book at his side and a mysterious phone to his face. He's been trying to dial numbers to cryptically unnamed places that the small phone book has. In any case, he's begun swearing in Spanish at the receiver.]

Voy a ver quién está en control de este lugar, y me matarán ellos! Yo soy de Rusia, usted mejor creer lo digo en serio! Todos ustedes son bastardos! ¡diablos! ¡al demonio!

[And he hangs up furiously, not before muttering "Dios mio" under his breath. It's probably best if someone, who is actually person, and no a robot, or whoever he got on the other line, came to talk to him. Mr. Allen is clearly not happy.]

((And if you wanted to know what he said, I can roughly translate; "Whoever is in control of this place I am going to find you and kill you! I am Russian, you better believe I'm serious! You are all bastards! Go to hell!" and "dios mio" means "my God". So obviously Dimitri needs some help because he's calling reminding the phone that he's Russian, in Spanish...))