April 16th, 2012

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[Claire has been trying to get on with her work on the time machine. However, she keeps being interrupted by a tall stag that has insisted on following her around. At first, of course, she was scared of this creature, but after a while she came to the conclusion that it simply wanted to watch her and has gone back to trying to work.

Unfortunately, the stag is rather affectionate and keeps butting her arm away as she tries to work.

She laughs.]

Stop it; you're more like a dog than anything else, aren't you?


[Clive turns slowly on his heel in the lobby, where he's just arrived - for the second time, in his case. Unlike his first entrance, he's not bloodied, but he definitely looks... shell-shocked.

After a moment, a stoat appears next to him, and Clive lets out a shuddering breath, bending down long enough to pick her up and pull her close to his chest.

Th...this place...

[And not long after he'd left, he's guessing, if Helwyr's still around.]