April 2nd, 2012

[PL] Fuck yeah legal

*Mod Post: April Event

Ever wanted a better way of getting to know what the other people in the DR are really like? Well, the DR's offering a solution this month, by giving every resident a dæmon for the duration of this plot; an animal companion that represents their soul. Younger residents may find that their dæmons can still shift from one animal to another, whereas those of the older residents will be set as one animal that represents them. Careful in making judgements based on the dæmons, though - they might not be a particular animal for the most obvious reasons, after all.

This event will run from Monday 9th April to Wednesday 18th April.

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[Because of the election and the arrival of the newest evil Layton, Monocle hasn't had very much in the terms of peace lately. Because of that he has decided to have a short break in his room on the famed Monocle floor.

He's acquired a fair few roommates lately, so this is a good chance for any of them to talk to him if they like. The door is open and he's sat at a table reading, so anyone else is free to come bother him as well.]