March 16th, 2012

Arrival of Grosky the Man

A prone figure lies in a large yet manly heap in the atrium of the dressing room. Slowly they come round and stand up. It is none other than Inspector Clamp Grosky, manliest of men. He runs a hand through his fluffly yet masculine crop of chest hair.


He tries the door, but it refuses to open. With manly determination he tugs feebly at the handle but to no avail. Even barging it with his shoulder only serves to bruise his firm and manly skin. Desperation sets in and he starts to tug at his quiff.

"Damn damn damn! What the blazes am I supposed to do?"

In a final manly attempt to break out of this mysterious prison he puts his head down and charges the door quiff-first.


Grosky hits it full pelt but the door doesn't move an inch. Grosky himself is completely knocked out again and slumps to the floor in another undignified yet manly heap.