March 12th, 2012

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[Like all of the residents of the Dressing Room, Monocle awoke this morning to find that he could not tell a lie. After considering this for sometime he decided that, in light of this, now is the perfect time to end his current silence in regards to the election and give people the chance to talk to him.

He's in the lobby and is making an announcement, if anyone cares to listen.]

My fellow residents of the Dressing Room, I'm sure you've all noticed that today our humble home has decided to grant us a blessing that causes us to only speak the truth. To me, this seems like a very appropriate measure to take in the run up to an election. It keeps the candidates as honest as you all deserve for them to be.

Perhaps some of you have noticed that while the other two candidates have spoken at length about their appeal, I have said little to nothing. This is because I am aware of the great many rumors being spread about me. Of course, I naturally want to disprove these rumors, but how could I promise to you all that I am telling the truth about these matters?

The current situation allows me to promise that.

So if you have any concerns at all regarding the election, please speak with me now about them and I will answer as best I can.

But before that, there is one rumor that I want to put a stop to. Another candidate has unfortunately been spreading slander about my actions in regard to our own female Descole. So I want to make one thing very clear:

I was not the Layton who raped her or scarred her by carving my name into her chest.

This was a Layton from her own world, who I am in no way connected to. And this is something that I wanted to make very clear, as a gentleman should never harm a lady as such.

Sorry for going on at such length, but I feel you all deserve to know the truth. So please, if you wish to talk with me I'd be honored to hear from any of the citizens who the Prime Minister will be representing.