March 3rd, 2012


Campaigning the lazy way...

[Descole is sitting on a couch in the lobby. He's not looking like himself at all. He's not wearing his usual suit, he's wearing black slacks and a slightly ruffled tight fitting white shirt, no muffler. His hair is wet, like he'd just gotten out of the shower, and he's not wearing a hat to cover half his face. Just his mask. Mask always stays on.]

[Sitting cross-legged, staring at the piano across the way, he wonders how he's going to pull off a campaign and how much he misses Raymond. He also wonders if he should wander over there and play music, but in fear of bothering people, he decides not too. While not feeling very evil, or much like building anything lately, he's decided, he's pretty neutral. Until some one pisses him off, but that hasn't happened yet.]

[Surely, he knows he's not acting like himself, and being lonely is kind of terrible. Being in a sound mental state, he wouldn't mind being bothered. Also he knows if he's going to campaign he needs to make friends. That's new...]