March 1st, 2012

[PL] Fuck yeah legal

*Mod Post: March Event + Election

Truth Plot
The DR's doing its part to keep the election honest - by making sure the candidates can't lie in the run-up. Of course, it wouldn't be fair for only the candidates to be affected, which means that for ten days, everybody in the place is going to be unable to tell a lie. They might be able to talk their way around things enough to almost lie, but nobody can directly lie, and neither can they avoid answering questions. In the interests of fairness, though, not only will an attempt to tell a lie fail, but so will any attempt to ask people which way they're voting. The DR is a democracy, after all, at least until the election results come in.

This event will run from Monday 12th March to Wednesday 21st March.


PLDR Elections
Voting for the election will last one week, from Monday 19th March to Sunday 25th March. The voting post will be put up and poll opened at 7AM GMT+0 on Monday, and the poll will be shut at 7PM GMT+0 on Sunday.