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(no subject)
realmandonpaolo wrote in laytondressing
29th February! 29th February! Today is the day that my love will propose to meeeee~!

[Don is dancing around the lobby, occassionally spinning on the balls of his feet, while he cheerfully waits for his beloved to propose to him. Feel free to burst his bubble. :D]

(another Dimitri)
whitecoathat wrote in laytondressing
[Dimitri has never been given to dramatic or emotional reactions--except under extreme duress--so for the moment he is looking around, observing the unfamiliar surroundings.]

What... what is this?

(no subject)
Pissed off
layton109 wrote in laytondressing
[Is annoed with Luke109, for steaing his hat and running off.
He had headded down to the lobby with out his beloved hat and is having a look around there.]

(no subject)
contraltoflute wrote in laytondressing
[After her... less-than-pleasant encounter with Don, Descole has retreated to a sofa in the corner of the lobby to smoke her way through the rest of her current pack of cigarettes and reflect on how much she hates everyone and everything right now. Everything is complicated, people are complicated, and she really wishes she could just go to her room and never have to bother with coming out. If only this place would let her.

Feel free to interrupt her moping, though, if you can stand the smoke.