February 28th, 2012

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[Luke has locked himslef in Monicals room, after stealing the key. He know a gentam dont steal, be as the key was just sitting at the side he just had to, knowing fine well that he could get in trubble for it.

He has come out of the room a cupple of times, always locking it. When he heads back, he is carring things back inside, before the door is relocked. At the moment he has no intesons of handing back the key, non will he let anyone else in.]

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[Luke's... tired. Tired enough that he's out in the lobby with his knitting and he doesn't even care if anybody sees him doing it, for once.

He'd gone home, of course, when the doors had arrived. How could he not? He'd gone home expecting things to be different. Thinking that after Monocle, after that Clive, he'd be able to actually admit to his own Layton the way that he feels, because all the Laytons he's met here have been fine with it and his own should be too, by that logic. It hadn't helped at all, though. He'd still been too scared to say a word about it, things had still been just and strained and awkward between them thanks to the tension of him wanting to say something and Layton knowing there was something wrong but not wanting to pry. He'd tried, though, only to be dragged back just as he'd finally worked up the courage to try bringing it up.

He'd managed to avoid company after he first came back, but by now Luke has gotten lonely enough to want any company. He's too tired to actually go seek anyone out, though, and he can't decide whose company he wants. Hence why he's just curled up in the lobby, just knitting sluggishly.

Come poke him?