February 22nd, 2012

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[Don Paolo is in whatever passes for a main entrance hall in this place, standing on top of a box and holding a megaphone that he is going to yell through.]

Ladies and... men. Real men! Not gentlemen! This means you, Layton...

We are gathered here today to discuss a matter of great importance! As you may or may not have heard, there is to be an upcoming election to decide who shall be THE SURPREME GRAND MASTER- ...I mean Prime Minister of this good land.

Currently only one of the Laytons is running, which makes the odds a little unfair. So I've been chosen to hold the sign-ups for anyone else who might wish to govern over our Dressingroom home. So if you do want to be Prime Minister then sign up, and make it snappy!

[Looks at his watch.]

I should have this done in about an hour, that's a fair amount of time...

[OOC: Well, these are the official sign ups for those wanting to run for Prime Minister. If any of your characters want in then please sign up today, before it gets closed. :3

EDIT: Sign-ups are now closed.]

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[The young man currently passed out in the lobby probably won't be recognisable to the gigantic Clive population anyone who's never been to Misthallery, given that he himself had never left the place until recently. For those who do recognise him, Crow could probably do with some help. He doesn't have any visible injuries, but... well. Laying around on the lobby floor isn't exactly the best pastime, especially for a new arrival.]