February 19th, 2012

Descole thinks too much. Makes a good evil mastermind.

[Descole looks around the Lobby full of people, as he's thinking. He's decided to pose a question, calling out, loud and out of nowhere.]

Does anyone think maybe we're dead? I mean, has anyone tried to walk out of this place? I have. You end up right back into the Lobby. Wouldn't you think this is what limbo is like? And was anyone in a good place when they got brought here? I know I wasn't. Doesn't it kind of make sense?

Some one agree with me, so I feel like I'm not thinking too hard.

[ooc: I dunno what I'm doing. Making Descole go a little crazy. Go argue with him.]
You've got to be kidding me


{This Clive is now rolling around on the ground in the lobby. DO WITH THIS WHAT YOU WILL.}

[ooc; I won't be responding to this post, probably, because Clive will be unable to respond. He will roll around on the ground until someone stops him, and then he'll pass out and not wake up for a while.
No, I have no idea what I'm doing.]

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[Clive knows what's behind his own door - and Monocle's, for that matter - and there's not really anything interesting there. They're nothing new, and new is what's interesting, really.

Which is why he's currently examining the other doors. He doesn't have any qualms about waiting for permission from the actual owners of the doors, which means not being held up waiting around before he gets to investigate. So, any of the other residents may well find the door to their world wide-open, and if they choose to go investigate, they'll probably find Clive somewhere inside.