February 1st, 2012

[PL] Fuck yeah legal

*Mod Post: February Event

Home Worlds
Never let it be said that the DR doesn't at least attempt to give its residents what it wants. For that reason, it's decided to give them an exit, at least temporarily. For the duration of this, there are labelled doorways in the lobby, each one leading to the home world of one of the residents, at more-or-less the time that they left it - those from multiple points in the same world will each have a door of their own, unless the difference is negligible. Time passing between the world and the DR once inside a world may not be totally in sync, however, though it's likely to fall so that more time passes in the home worlds than the DR. Probably for the best, really, given that once ten days pass within the DR, any of the residents still in a different world - whether their own or another's - will be pulled back again.

This event will run from Monday 13th February to Wednesday 22nd February.