January 30th, 2012


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[As the... well. He still doesn't know what he is to Monocle, especially the one here, what with the man being from earlier in the timeline than he is. Well, either way. With him being whatever he is to the potential ruler of this place, he figures that if he has to deal with this, he might has every right to do it in public. Maybe someone will realise the connection between himself and Monocle, and it'll tarnish the reputation he has beyond any tarnishing that so much as meeting him does anyway.

He's freaked himself out, anyway, and since Monocle's not in his room, Clive doesn't really want to sit there on his own until the other gets back. Especially because he'd rather Monocle potentially have an explanation of what happened and a look at his room at separate points, all things considered.

Which is why there's a bloodied Clive curled up on a sofa in the lobby, picking idly at his fingernails. There's an awful lot of blood there, and it's clearly not all his. He does look a little pale and shaky beneath his feigned indifference though, so at least some of it is probably from him. The way he keeps coursing his fingers through his hair and staining it red is probably some indication of the fact that he's not quite so calm as he'd like observers to actually believe, too.