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(no subject)
contraltoflute wrote in laytondressing
[Monocle isn't the only one less than pleased with his lot in the bodyswap plot. Descole, having woken up as Don Paolo of all people, has now resorted to laying on a sofa in the lobby, staring up at the ceiling and smoking her way through a pack of cigarettes.

She's aware that Don Paolo's body doesn't actually crave them (or, at least, it didn't prior to Descole getting into it), but she does, and it's calming, even if she did have to suffer through the choking on them again at first. She needs to be calm right now. She doesn't particularly trust the idea of Don Paolo with her body, if she's honest.

(no subject)
layton109 wrote in laytondressing
[Layton was sure that when he went to bed the other day he was definately male. To wake and found himself a woman was shocking.
He spent a moment looking down at his new assessts before wandering into the corridor]