January 6th, 2012

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[Anton drops his bags of shopping, allowing shoes, hats, make-up and a rather sparkly feather boa to spill out across the floor. He holds his mouth open in a rather dramatic fashion.]




Nigel must have redecorated while I was out! But... this won't do at all. The castle looks so very plain and not as fancy as it should. How will I ever be able to host fabulous parties in a castle as drab as this one?

[Sighs heavily.]

[OOC: Meet Sassy Gay Anton! :D He's nothing at all like the Anton from the games, he's the sparkly Twilight-loving fruitcake we okay some of us like to pretend that he is. Feel free to point out to him that he's not at home anymore, but don't be surprised if you end up tied to a chair listening to Spice Girls albums. ;P]