January 1st, 2012

[PL] Fuck yeah legal

*Mod Post: New Years

Happy New Year, everyone! So, since it's the 1st in England at least, here's the event post!

The DR has a special surprise for you, inhabitants! If you don't recognise the place you've woken up in, don't worry - you didn't get too drunk at New Years, or whatever you might be thinking, you've just woken up in someone else's body. No big deal, happens all the time! Well, in the DR, at least. Of course, though, the DR wouldn't want to leave its inhabitants with no hope of getting themselves back to their own body, so scattered around the place you'll find a variety of books, movies, etc., that deal with the subject of bodyswapping. So there's an awful lot of methods that are worth attempting, to see if they'll swap you back - it's just a shame that the only thing that'll actually work is waiting for the event to finish.

This event will run from Monday 9th January to Wednesday 18th January.