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Jean Descole sinisterballet wrote in laytondressing
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Campaigning the lazy way...
[Descole is sitting on a couch in the lobby. He's not looking like himself at all. He's not wearing his usual suit, he's wearing black slacks and a slightly ruffled tight fitting white shirt, no muffler. His hair is wet, like he'd just gotten out of the shower, and he's not wearing a hat to cover half his face. Just his mask. Mask always stays on.]

[Sitting cross-legged, staring at the piano across the way, he wonders how he's going to pull off a campaign and how much he misses Raymond. He also wonders if he should wander over there and play music, but in fear of bothering people, he decides not too. While not feeling very evil, or much like building anything lately, he's decided, he's pretty neutral. Until some one pisses him off, but that hasn't happened yet.]

[Surely, he knows he's not acting like himself, and being lonely is kind of terrible. Being in a sound mental state, he wouldn't mind being bothered. Also he knows if he's going to campaign he needs to make friends. That's new...]

...hey. You're one of the election candidates, right?

It's just... I've spoken to the female Layton and I... don't plan to speak to the other one, but I don't know much at all about you, from the point of view of the election.

[Clive knows he won't be voting for Monocle, but he's not so convinced on Hendel that he couldn't potentially be swayed.]

If I were you, I wouldn't speak to the other one either.

Well, I'm just against sadistic fascist pigs entering the election, but unlike Miss Layton, I plan to do something about it.

[He smiles genuinely and shrugs, thinking about the Monocle. After what he did to his double, there would be no way he would let him live it down.]

What are you looking for in a candidate? Obviously, your drive is towards a Layton, but perhaps we can see if maybe I'd be a good choice for you, hm?

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To be honest, I hardly even know. I mean... this place hardly even needs it, does it? I think at this point my main desire in a candidate is that they don't try to get me into bed against my will.

[Hence why Monocle's really not in the running for getting Clive's vote.]

I know how you feel, that gross monster.

Anyway, yes, I understand, where you're coming from. I know, I don't believe we're in dire need of a political system here either, because with either Layton being in power, the politics will overcome everything. I'd just want everything safe, and normal, and we'd be fine.

Of course, if anyone has the idea to force anyone into bed, I'll take care of that, don't you worry.

You don't plan on swaying your vote, though, do you?

Ahh? What makes you say that?

I'm perfectly willing to sway my vote, and even if I don't then it doesn't mean I don't know people here who will. Mother will probably vote for you, truth be told. I don't think she really trusts any of the Laytons, so far. And Hershel... well, I don't have a clue how he'll vote, but presumably it'll either be for you or the female Layton.

[He shrugs a bit. Come to think of it, he hasn't really told Fessah about what Monocle did, yet.]

I don't even know, is all. I've spoken to the female Layton already, like I said, and I'm just... not sure about her, you know? There's something... wrong. I don't know how to explain it.

She seems almost devious, doesn't she?

Anyway, I guess I shouldn't assume about you because you're Luke. I'm sorry for that. I just figured your natural aversion would be towards me. That's interesting you think others will vote for me.

I suppose I'm not the bad guy here, but I'm not going to offer people higher positions and extra favors to vote for me, like some will...

...Clive. Not Luke. I assume you've run into one of the elder Lukes, from that mistake?

[He snorts a bit.]

Either way. Whether or not I like Layton more than anyone else isn't something that should sway my vote, is it? Not every version of Layton is so likeable, are they? Besides - no matter what the case might be for some of that Layton's voters - I don't need to vote for a Layton to have one. I have more affection for Hershel than I do either of his doubles that are running, but that doesn't mean I'd necessarily vote for him if he'd run himself.

Ugh! That's the second time I've made that mistake, except last time I said Clive and not Luke! What the hell?

[He laughs and shakes his head.]

Anyway, I suppose that's a good point. Still, I would assume you'd not vote for some one with a reputation such as mine, well, you hardly know me, but others know more. I feel...I mean, I can't explain it, here, it's different. I'm not...well, I'm not about to go out and get revenge on anyone, or anything like that. I guess you can say I'm not feeling villainous?

I dunno, I suppose what I'm trying to say is I'd be an unlikely candidate for many to vote for. I have to work a little harder, I feel. Perhaps not though....

Well, I did disguise myself as him. I guess I'm just that good, huh?

[Clive nods, leaning his chin on his hand.]

It's kind of difficult, really. Part of me thinks that in that case I ought to vote for the female Layton, because if it comes down to it... well, she's the better option, no doubt about it. If it comes down to just the two of them, that is. If you're not likely to win then it's better to vote for her rather than splitting a vote between the two of you when the main motivation for most people to vote for one of you is to keep the monocled Layton out. You know? But then part of me thinks that out of the three of you, you're... I don't know, really. You seem the most honest. You might not be the best person out of those running but at least you're honest about it, whereas the female Layton... like I said, I'm just not sure about her.

I guess it sort of comes down to... well... if I thought you could win I'd probably vote for you, but tactically it makes more sense to vote for her.

You do make a good Luke. Could've fooled me.

Anyway, perhaps I should make you want to vote for me, hmm? I'm not going to lie, I don't know anything about campaigning, but I think I could try. There's a first time for everything, isn't there? Perhaps, changing my image would help?

...I'm not losing the mask though. It's a social anxiety thing.

Honestly, I think at this point I sort of do want to vote for you. But I'd rather not actually do that if it's going to mean splitting votes between you and the female Layton and letting the other one in.

I don't know. I think your normal image is fine, really. I mean... it suits you. Not that this current look doesn't. Maybe the current look is the way, actually. Not quite so fancy as either of the Laytons, even with the mask. I guess it makes you seem more approachable?

Out of the shower chic?

[He laughs and shakes his head.]

But honestly, in here I'm a different person. I'm not the same Jean Descole as everyone thinks, but neither is my double, the girl one, I think this place does something to you...

Why not? I think it seems more honest. Like you're just being yourself, not putting on an image. If that makes sense.

Yeah. I think I know what you mean. I've been... happier since I got here. Although I guess it's debatable whether that's just because I have Hershel and I'm not in prison now...

Then Out-Of-The-Shower Chic it is.

[He lets out another laugh.]

But yes, ugh, prison. I'm sorry about that. I feel so much better here. I don't have the pressures of where I was, and I don't feel like holding a grudge has any point. I've made friends, and my roommate from home is here, and it feels good.

Besides where I was was horrible...

Ehh, why apologise? It's not like it's your fault I was in prison. That blame falls squarely on my own shoulders.

[Clive snorts.]

At least you probably haven't totally messed up someone else's timeline like I have, right? I don't know if you've met the... younger Layton, the one who's my age, but... well.

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