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[He's been... not putting this off for a while, but he has been preparing. Yes, preparing. He liked that word. After seeing the state that Clive had gotten himself into due to one of his doubles, he couldn't stand by and let it carry on. Even if that double is from Clive's home world and should therefore be the one Clive should logically be with.

Nothing excuses this.

So, after a while, he has tracked Roulette down to his room and knocks on the door firmly, awaiting a response.]

[OOC: This is specifically for Monocle and benotenderness, because we've been meaning to play this for a while. But I'll try to be around on some other threads to talk to other people too. :3]

[Roulette has been expecting this. Obviously. Without even looking up from his book, he calls out.]

Come in, double.

[Monocle pushes the door open and walks through.]

Hello, double. I suppose you know that we need to talk about a certain matter.

The fact that you've claimed back my Clive?

Yes. exactly that.


Well, you clearly have something to say. So talk.

While I have no doubt that you will debate the point, for Clive's own sake I refuse to let you speak with him any further.

What right do you have to order either of us around?

As the Prime Minister I have an official right. And as a human being who has seen the state you've left Clive in I feel that I have a right to stop you from hurting him again.

You prevented me from seeing him because you felt I was hurting him and I have now seen evidence that you are doing so to a much greater extent.

I did what was necessary to undo the damage that you had caused.

[The rest of it, he made Clive do to himself.]

Then he was better off with that damage than in the broken state that you left him.

Clive functions much better while physically broken than while mentally broken.

Then I'm very surprised that in your world he is not actually dead.

[He smirks faintly.]

You underestimate him.

Even so, I feel that he needs someone to care for him and I have decided to be that person. If you have any objections to this, and the prospect that you are to avoid Clive, then I suggest that you voice them now.

You can order me not to see him, if you like. It won't do a thing to stop me.

In that case, if you do see him then I will be forced to take action against you. As will any of my political followers.

And what of the fact that Clive will come to me, if I order him?


Then I will try my hardest to convince him not to.

And you will fail.

Then at least I can fail knowing that I tried to help him, which is what I promised that I would do.

The important fact is that you failed. Will fail.


Very well then.

I've said all that I came here to say and if you have nothing further to do than make repetitive insults I see no reason to stay longer.

Good day, sir.

I do have one thing more to say.

However much you interfere, Clive will experience pain to that same level.


[That gets his attention.]

...Very well then.

And I understand that death is not permanent here.

[The threat is audible.]

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