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[Luke sits in the lounge, he is wounding what is wrong with him and why he what's to jump in to bed with every man that walks past.]

[He is hateing this feeling due to having a boyfriend back at home.]

[if you talk to him you might reserve a free snog.]

Hey, Luke.

[This Clive does Patience a little less... drugged than his double. He's just particularly calm, although he's usually more calm than the other Clives so he doesn't really seem any different to usual. Having a virtue doesn't stop him from his usual blowing-smoke-into-people's-faces either, apparently. He sits down next to Luke.]

You new? I haven't seen you around.

H..Hi Clive.

Yes I'm new around here, I.. I think.. I'm still a little confused about this place se...

[he bites his lip to stop the last word from leaving his mouth.]

This place what?

[He tilts his head slightly, taking a slow drag of his cigarette.]


[He looks over at Clive, smokeing the cigarette.]

even if that bad for you, you seem make it look.. sexy.

[Well, that was... unexpected.]

...I think I'm a little too old for you.

I'm not a little kid..

[Luke looks back at his lap to try and get his mind out the gutter.]

and I don't know why I said that.

You are young, though, and I'm in my thirties.

[He smiles faintly, patient the whole time.]

This place messing with you?

I'm in my early twenties.

[is getting slightly adjutant with himself.]

Place's can't mess with people...

Most places can't. This place isn't most places.

You'll see.

I don't think I do..

I know who is the prime minister is.. Monical and myself don't see eye to eye.
Never 'ave, not for a long time.

No, I'm not exactly that Layton's biggest fan either. I understand that one of my doubles follows him around like some kind of pet, though.

I'm not sure if I know that Clive.
Part from your self I 'ave not see any over Clive, not even the one from my own time, ant seen 'im since I was a kid.

That Layton is the one I know very well.
As we from the same time.

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Mmm. I don't know him all that well.

[Even if Monocle did try to... get acquainted, as it were.]

Bad luck, I guess. Being from the same time as him.

You 'ave no idea.

So.. When did you take up smoking?

This? Ah... ten years ago. Or thereabouts.

[Not 'thereabouts' at all - Clive knows exactly when he picked up the habit. He shrugs, though, blowing smoke at Luke again.]

Why do you ask?

[waves the smoke out of his face, he use to smoke being blow in his face from Socket.]

Just curiuse and you stink of tabs..

[Clive chuckles.]

So. I know what this place is doing to me, and... I think it's a pretty safe bet what it's doing to you.

I think I know what you'r talking about.

but its still confusing.

[Luke knows he being more honest with people.

He is still fighting the eager to make out with Clive, even more so now he learnt that he hates Layton as well.]

[Clive hums a little and lounges back on the sofa. Possibly not the best move, considering.]

Providing you stay here, you'll get used to this kind of thing.

I believe that I don't get a chose on if I stay or go.

[quickly climes on Clive's lap facing him, before running his hand light down Clive's chest.]

[Oh god hello lapful of Luke. Clive very nearly inhales his cigarette.]

...no offense, but you really are younger than I tend to go for.

I'm sure I am.

I'm 'ating myself for doing this.

[Take the cigarette out of Clive's mouth.]

You look better with out this.

...think I'd prefer to have it though, just for the record.

[Patience cannot win out over a ten-year nicotine habit, no matter what the DR thinks.]

Look, I... Why don't you just head back on over to the other side of the sofa, Luke?


[puts his cigarette back]

I would like to, trust me on that.

Then do it.

You're heading into... bad territory. Really.


[climes back off Clive]

you better sit up or I'll do it again.

[puts his head in his hands]
I don't what to betray Crow.

[Clive sits himself up on the arm of the sofa, watching Luke warily.]

I'd say the same of Hershel, but it'd be kind of redundant considering.

Your with a Layton?

That kinda aaronic, as you 'ate one.

[keeps his head in his hands.]

They're very different to one another.

...very different.

As in it was before 'e became mad?
before 'e got in to power, 'e was a nice guy.

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Mmm. Hershel... basically, I met him in this place before he ever even became a professor. And then... we were able to go back to his world.

Ah when he was a student with my dad. I seen Photos.
Red cap?

Yeah, that's the one. It suited him, didn't it?

(smiles a little]
Not as good when he was younger then that.

His hair had a life of its own.

[takes a old photo out his pocket]


[Clive snorts, not moving to take it - he doesn't quite want to move closer to Luke again.]

I've seen, yes. He once asked me whether he should grow it out again.

I use to torment monocle about having it, when he first court me, after I can back from training up north.

You went up North? Oh, I'm sure that pleased him.

I don't think he was. But at lest he could't fine me or the others at the time.

You were running from him?

I was scared at the time, 'e killed my dad.

...understandable, then.

[He takes another drag of his cigarette, though he's courteous enough this time to blow the smoke out away from Luke.]

If Hershel were ever like... that Layton...

...I don't know. For all I know, he could have been destined for that, if I hadn't turned up.

There is a chance that he still might be in later years, to come.

As we all thought that Layton was a nice guy, until he was corrupted by the power of being the Prime Minister.

Well, I can't see myself ever letting that happen.

I 'ope That it never dose.


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