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Diligently Lustful.
[Descole's been plagued with the sins and virtues. He's finally discovered the two he has are Lust and Diligence. One sin and one virtue. Together, they make a dangerous pair.]

[So basically, Descole's a whore.]

[Why such a whore, Jean?]

((OOC: Oh man, I've had too much coffee. I'm SOOOOO bored still...))

But if it'd ever actually happened, I'd have freaked out. Hell. I'm better than I was after the last time, and not just because you're not Don Paolo.

[She curls in on herself further.]

It's... better. Because it's you. But it's still not okay.

[He pulls a pillow over his stomach, hugging it to keep warm. He hates how vulnerable he feels.]

I's not that bad...I mean, you're me, and I'm you...and we just...fucked. It's just sex. Think of it like that...maybe...

It's the sex that's the problem. Sex... reminds me of my Layton.


(Sex reminds me of...)

Yeah, I understand that...but I'm not Layton. I'm you. Think of it as...really good and useful masturbation...

Yeah. Not something I do, though. So that's hardly helpful.

Oh...well, don't you ever crave sex at unhelpful times? It happens to most...

Not really. And when I do, I ignore it.

[She's had years of practice at totally ignoring her libido, at this point.]

[That answer makes Descole give a "hm" which is a mix of envy, and pity.]

You poor girl.


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