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Diligently Lustful.
[Descole's been plagued with the sins and virtues. He's finally discovered the two he has are Lust and Diligence. One sin and one virtue. Together, they make a dangerous pair.]

[So basically, Descole's a whore.]

[Why such a whore, Jean?]

((OOC: Oh man, I've had too much coffee. I'm SOOOOO bored still...))


[It takes him a moment to realize she's taken the mask off him when he does, he shuts his blue eyes and hides his face away from her, almost stopping.]

What are you doing!?

I w-wanted to see your face.

[And she's been without her own mask since the beginning, so it only seemed fair. Now that he's hesitated, though, it's like the DR gets a better grip on Descole herself, to make sure that it continues. She's still hesitant and she's still trembling a little, but she moves to roll them over so that she's on top.

This way, too, she's got a better view of his face even if he's turning away.

I... wouldn't leave you.

[He finally opens his eyes, ice blue and a little hurt, but he let's her see. As she rolls over on him, he moans a little and grabs her hips harder, pulling her closer and pushing farther to her.]

There isn't much to see...

[He has a hard time looking at her, since he doesn't like people seeing through him. Every now and then, between looking at her, her looks down and bites down on full lips in pleasure.]

Hmm....fucking yes....

Well-- I need to... know that it's you, double.

[That's about the only thing keeping her even relatively calm, even with the DR's influence. It's more the DR's influence though that has her tilting her head back, moaning shakily as she rides him harder.]

I-I can't... double...

[He thrusts his hips up to her, pulling her down on him, as she notices her riding harder. He arches his back a bit as he feels the intoxicating feeling of being inside her.]

Oh, don't stop, double, please...

[He claws her hips a bit tighter, staring up at her, turned on by how turned on she looks, rather than what she's saying.]

I-I can't keep this up.

[Dragging her nails down his chest, she chews on her lip to bite back the desperate noises she's making at this point.]

Fuck, double, I'm-- Harder, fuck!

[He gives a groan at the feminine and pleading noises she makes and pulls her down onto him. As she's clawing his chest the noise he gives is a mix of pain and absolute pleasure. Who would have known sleeping with himself would be so good?]

Oh, fuck--Is that what you want?

[He asks as he pulls her down on him and thrusts up even harder, trying to keep a steady, slower pace.]

[Descole doesn't last long after that. A few more of the harder thrusts and she's coming, throwing her head back and moaning loudly as she digs her nails into his chest.]


[With that, noticing how she's finishing, it turns him on even more and he pulls an arm around her waist, flipping her onto her back and him thrusting faster on top of her, coming himself.]

Fuck yeah--oh double you're so good--! Ahh, yes--!

[He gives a couple harder thrusts, gripping her hips, shoving in and out before finally coming deep inside her and planting a hot kiss on her mouth.]

[Descole moans into the kiss, and lays there to catch her breath for a good few moments, there. When everything hits her, though, she jerks herself as fast and as far away from her double as she can managed without leaving the bed.]

I... I-I... oh god, double, I don't...

[He looks to her confused and bites his lip, suddenly the sin of lust fading away. As she cowers away, he feels a little...self-conscious.]

W-what's wrong...?

[Curling in on herself, she whimpers and turns herself away from him.]

Fuck this place.

[He's now clawing at the bandages around his wrists, he forgot were there, to keep his joints warm and working properly. He sighs and looks down worried.]'re not going to leave...right?

[Anxiety over a human being. There's a new feeling for him...]

It's not like I can, is it? We can't go home, and I might as well not even have a home with how much it actually feels like one.

Okay...just don't leave right now.

[He runs his fingers through his hair, his palm hits his eyebrow, not covered by a mask. He gets a slight urge to grab the mask and put it on, but he fights it. Instead he places his hand on his double's side, gently.]

It's okay...

[The moment he touches her, Descole jerks away as though burned.]


If you want me to stay, don't touch me.

[He moves his hand away, a little hurt and shivers in cold. He grabs a blanket off the floor and throws it over him and her.]

What's so was bound to happen...

And if I'd chosen for it to happen, then... hell, I'd still be a hot mess afterwards. Less so, maybe. Because I didn't want to do that, double.

I mean...I didn't really either but...but it wasn't so all...

[Is it a bad thing to like yourself that much? Probably..but he can't help it.]

It's not about whether the sex was enjoyable. It's about the fact that... I just can't, okay?

[You can tell she's distressed right now - if nothing else, her accent's slipping back into the Essex drawl.]

[He gives a small chuckle, through all the anxiety.]

You are from Essex aren't you?

[His smile fades after a moment and he shrugs.]

Why can't you?

[She snorts slightly.]

Yeah. The Layton with the monocle is utterly disgusted by it.

...and... I just can't. The whole... everything about sex freaks me out, now.

Essex isn't that bad. He'll get over it....

Sex freaks you out now...? One of the first things we did when we met each other was try to get into the others pants...

But if it'd ever actually happened, I'd have freaked out. Hell. I'm better than I was after the last time, and not just because you're not Don Paolo.

[She curls in on herself further.]

It's... better. Because it's you. But it's still not okay.

[He pulls a pillow over his stomach, hugging it to keep warm. He hates how vulnerable he feels.]

I's not that bad...I mean, you're me, and I'm you...and we just...fucked. It's just sex. Think of it like that...maybe...

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