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Diligently Lustful.
[Descole's been plagued with the sins and virtues. He's finally discovered the two he has are Lust and Diligence. One sin and one virtue. Together, they make a dangerous pair.]

[So basically, Descole's a whore.]

[Why such a whore, Jean?]

((OOC: Oh man, I've had too much coffee. I'm SOOOOO bored still...))

D-don't... touch there. I don't... touching is... okay I suppose but not there.

[She jerks her hips up against Descole's, though she's still trying to turn her top half away from him.]

[He goes up to kiss her neck obediently and moves his hands down to her pants, and undoes them, trying to pull them off eagerly.]

I hope this is okay then.

[It's not okay, not in the slightest, but she can't get those words out right now. All that she can do is to push up into his touch, moaning quietly.]

I... please...

[He gives a guttural pleasured moan and can't even figure out why he wants to do this. It doesn't even make any sense. It's killing him, the last thing he wants to do is hurt one of his only friends in the Dressing Room. But he can't stop. He wants it too bad.]

Oh, please forgive me...

[And he pulls her pants down the best he can, kissing, well more like sucking and biting at her neck again.]

[She wants it too, and if she's totally honest that's kind of the worst thing about it. Because she knows that under normal circumstances, her double is probably the person she'd be most comfortable sleeping with, and yet she still wouldn't actually so much as seriously consider doing anything sexual with him at all. The fact that this place is taking away her choice in this, and making her actually want it as well, is what hurts more than anything.

Even so, though, she moves a hand down to palm her double's crotch through his pants.

N-not your fault.

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[He moans at her touch and goes to kiss her lips with fervor, his tongue gliding over her lips begging for an entrance.

Descole grabs her hips again, over her underwater, fingering the bottom of the fabric.]

[Descole shudders. She wants to turn her head away, but instead she finds herself opening her mouth and returning the kiss, moaning against her double's mouth.]

[He moans again and pulls her towards him, and he moves his hand to his belt-line, undoing his pants.]

D-double, I want...

[She trails off. She doesn't know what she really wants any more. The easiest thing to do, apparently, is to reach down and pull away her underwear, turning her head away from him at the same time.]

I want you...

[He moans at her taking off her underwear and he pulls off his boxers and pants and keeps her close.]

Don would hate it he found this out...

[He snickers and moves his hands to the latch of her bra.]

[That gets a slight snort from Descole, though almost immediately she's back to shivering awkwardly. Shutting her eye, she hesitantly lifts one leg up to drape it over his waist.]

Please, just...

["Get it over with," she wants to say.]

[He gives another kiss to her and grabs her hips, steadying himself, and even though the lust has taken over, he does all he can to be gentle.]

[She bites down on her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood, turning her head away and taking in small, fortifying breaths.]

I-I... I'm glad it's... you. If this had to happen. At least it's not... someone bad.

Me too...

[He wipes the blood from her lip and kisses her as if he wants it better. He kisses her cheek and than her neck.]

[Descole shivers again and knots her fingers in his hair.]

...g-go on.

[He nips her neck and grabs her hips harder. He thrusts his hips towards hers, obeying what she wants.]

[Even with the plot, it's difficult not to jerk away at that. She pushes back against him though, letting out a noise that's nearly a sob.]

F-fuck, I don't...

[For some reason, probably a power complex, it makes him keep going. Still pressing himself into her, and gripping her hips hard.

He grunts loud, and presses his lips to her neck leaving a mark. He gives an order than sounds demanding and almost a little desperate.]

Don't ever fucking leave...

[This time, the noise definitely is a sob. Bearing down harder onto him in return, Descole claws her nails down her double's back before reaching up to pull his mask away.]

W-what do you mean? Leave... this place, or just... you?


[It takes him a moment to realize she's taken the mask off him when he does, he shuts his blue eyes and hides his face away from her, almost stopping.]

What are you doing!?

I w-wanted to see your face.

[And she's been without her own mask since the beginning, so it only seemed fair. Now that he's hesitated, though, it's like the DR gets a better grip on Descole herself, to make sure that it continues. She's still hesitant and she's still trembling a little, but she moves to roll them over so that she's on top.

This way, too, she's got a better view of his face even if he's turning away.

I... wouldn't leave you.

[He finally opens his eyes, ice blue and a little hurt, but he let's her see. As she rolls over on him, he moans a little and grabs her hips harder, pulling her closer and pushing farther to her.]

There isn't much to see...

[He has a hard time looking at her, since he doesn't like people seeing through him. Every now and then, between looking at her, her looks down and bites down on full lips in pleasure.]

Hmm....fucking yes....

Well-- I need to... know that it's you, double.

[That's about the only thing keeping her even relatively calm, even with the DR's influence. It's more the DR's influence though that has her tilting her head back, moaning shakily as she rides him harder.]

I-I can't... double...

[He thrusts his hips up to her, pulling her down on him, as she notices her riding harder. He arches his back a bit as he feels the intoxicating feeling of being inside her.]

Oh, don't stop, double, please...

[He claws her hips a bit tighter, staring up at her, turned on by how turned on she looks, rather than what she's saying.]

I-I can't keep this up.

[Dragging her nails down his chest, she chews on her lip to bite back the desperate noises she's making at this point.]

Fuck, double, I'm-- Harder, fuck!

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