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[It's the sins and virtues plot! Imagine the utter joy of our beloved Prime Minister Monocle for having been blessed with so many wonderful virtues! He might even become a good person out of this.

And through this wonderful event, Monocle has found himself forced to compliment anyone who talks to him, instead of harping on about himself, like he usually does.]

What... what is this sheer madness...? I hope no one sees me like this...

[Come talk to him, if you want to feel good about yourself. :D]

...I can... cope with caring. Caring doesn't... work for me in the same way. That's why I need the sex. It's the closest I have to being able to care properly.

I don't believe that. If you didn't care genuinely then you wouldn't be trying to stop me from sleeping around.

Yeah, well... it doesn't work right in my head. So.

You can't win that way, Clive. Just accept that you're wrong.

I'm not wrong. I'm... not saying that I don't care. Or that I don't come across that way. But caring doesn't... I can't understand it, in my mind.

Very well.

[Looks away, sighing.]

So, that's why I need the sex.

I'll give you it if you need it.

But will you give it to anybody else?


And if that's true, then... then that's all I'd ever ask for.

I will try to give you that, then.

The best we can hope for, huh?

At the moment, yes.

You think there'll be better to hope for sometime, then?


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