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[It's the sins and virtues plot! Imagine the utter joy of our beloved Prime Minister Monocle for having been blessed with so many wonderful virtues! He might even become a good person out of this.

And through this wonderful event, Monocle has found himself forced to compliment anyone who talks to him, instead of harping on about himself, like he usually does.]

What... what is this sheer madness...? I hope no one sees me like this...

[Come talk to him, if you want to feel good about yourself. :D]

Before I left your side 'e did.

I'm sure you set him straight.

Well of course. i do 'ate this you. I miss the old you.. the Layton i know as a kid.

[and yet I would sleep with you even so..]

That version of myself is gone.

Why? dose it have to be?

[hugs him]

Only you can change yourself.. Layton.

This is who I am now and I have no desire to change myself.

[Neither returns the hug nor pushes Luke away.]

then you know I will keep fighting ageist you.

I don't doubt that you will.

[crys a little to hear this.]

I don't what to be the one to pull the triger to your death.

Then don't. Let someone else be.

I can't do that.. as you see Professor.. it what thay trained me to do.

Then why don't you do it?

I can't.. I just can't

Why can't you? Do you love me?

yes.. and it is no lie..



...Luke, I'm sorry...

not as must as I am..

But you have a lovely partner now.

I know.. but it don't stop my feeling for you.

I do Love him, as much as I love you..

You should try to love him more than you love me.

Layton.. I I do love him, I know I do. I love you in a diffent way..

You love the person I once was. I am not that person anymore.

i know.. and it was torment to see you change in to this. it would kill me if i had to kill you.

Then you must ask yourself if you want to kill yourself that much. If you want to kill me, knowing that it would kill you, then you need to accept that you want to die.

I't not something I would take lightly.. but as your frommer apprentise I would raver die my self then you. you have always been a mentor to me and a father figher.

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