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[It's the sins and virtues plot! Imagine the utter joy of our beloved Prime Minister Monocle for having been blessed with so many wonderful virtues! He might even become a good person out of this.

And through this wonderful event, Monocle has found himself forced to compliment anyone who talks to him, instead of harping on about himself, like he usually does.]

What... what is this sheer madness...? I hope no one sees me like this...

[Come talk to him, if you want to feel good about yourself. :D]

[why is my body after him and my mouth saying thing I dont what it to?]

[pulls Monocles cavat downso hes about leval with him and kisses him lightly on the lips]


[He... can't do this... Luke is gone in his world. An unforgivable person who stopped believing in Monocle's perfect ideals. He could never have Luke close to him once again.

He just shouldn't...

...He places a hand behind Luke's head, returning the kiss lightly.]

[licks monocle's bottom lip a little as he pulls away to look back at the man.]

I have whated you for some time prime minister~

[nononnononon... well.... manbe a little but that was befor he became the MP]

I'm honored that you would, my... my boy...

[Strokes the side of Luke's face, looking down at him sadly.]

[rubs his cheek agest his hand]

whats wrong? you seem sad.

[he takes monocles hand and starts kissing his fingers]

I... I... Why would I be sad when you're here...?

[Oh god this is too much for him to deal with right now.]

[hugs him suddenly]

your.. still my professor.. even if I do 'ate you, that I what you so badly..

[he then kisses monocles neck]

{right my body and mouth seem to have a life of there own.. I'm so glade non of the others are 'ere]

[Please don't say that Luke...]

Th-thank you very much, my boy... But I feel your affections are drawn from this world's influence and not your own desires.

I'm the only one that know the true, there prime mistier.
even if it wasent.. true, for now.. I just what to be with you.

[lets go]

but as you dont what me then I soposes I should go and play by my slef

[I did not just say that, not to him]

You're going to...

Um, well. It would be... I should not let you leave in this state.

I'm not a little gentleman any more Professor~ i'm sure a fine man such as your self know egsalty what I ment.

[he kisses him again before turning away]

i'll leve you be as I know you don't like to deal with scum like me.

I... want to deal with you, Luke.

[He doesn't mean sexually, but he doesn't want to lose him.]

you can deal with me in anyway you like.

What a... polite invitation. Though I feel we should take this elsewhere so that you can reserve your perfect dignity.

it not my digity that you sould worry about, its yours.
But if that what you what then lets go.

I have no dignity, dear child.

[Heads off back to his room.]

you'll have to prove that to me sometime.

[follows Monocle back to his room]

If that is what you wish.

[Holds the door open for him.]

Oh I wish it.

[ducks under monocles arm in to the room then pulls him away from the door.]

[Allows himself to be led for once.]

Are you always this forceful?

Only around you

I'm honored, Luke. Though I'm sure you mean that for better or for worse.

That sounds like a line of marriage.

I'm sure that married is one thing we definitely aren't.

Some people thought we where.

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